Friday, July 23, 2010

Wedding Shower Gift

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My niece is getting married, soon.
I'm going to her shower and was asked to bring a recipe.
This is "my" famous banana bread that,
has been passed on down from my Great Aunt Dorothy.

I'm also giving her this card stand.

I "stole" the idea from a blog, a long time ago.
Now I can't remember from whom.


Don't throw those black bananas away, peel them first and then throw them into the freezer to use in a cake, muffin or bread recipe.


  1. i LOVE the fork card holder...i am imagining salad forks as little place-cards for a dinner party. that would be cool. :)
    have a wonderful day.
    enjoy your canned sandwich for lunch LOL!!!!!

  2. Absolutely love this! The bent fork is so totally cool. Poor Kenny -- he won't have anything left to eat on after the day is over! (except spoons -- I'll leave a few spoons and butter knives for him).

  3. I love the recipe holder. How creative is that! Jude

  4. This would be fun to do with a single fork found at a flemaret or thrift store. I'm going to keep an eye out for one!

  5. Love the card holder. I just bought a couple dozen of old pieces of silverplate silverware today at a thrift store with the thought of creating something out of them. Your post was perfect timing!!!

  6. This is so cute... what a great way to display a recipe card!

  7. What a great idea! I love to add a little something unexpected to go with the anticipated.
    I must try your banana bread recipe myself one day!

  8. A great idea for a new bride. What a cute card stand.

  9. I see why you remembered that idea!! Perfect. A time tested recipe and a beautiful card stand!


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