Monday, February 7, 2011

Saturday Excursion

 Last Saturday morning, Tom and I visited downtown Seattle.
 Being on Jury Duty, got me excited see Seattle again.

 First stop was to the original Starbucks 


If these old floors could talk.
This building is over a hundred years old.

Starbucks opened it's doors in 1971.
The skyline is a mix of the old and new buildings.

 Pike Place Market has so many back allies.
This one has become very popular.

Check out this wall...

 Can you guess what it is?


 It's called the Gum Wall.

Another long, narrow ally that leads to a great view.
Plus, more interesting things to look at.

If you look closely you can see art work lamps.
You have to look closely.

 When you visit the Pike Place Market,
 another for sure visit, is the Fish Market where they actually throw fish.
Very famous for (flying) throwing the fish.

 Oh yea, we bought some Salmon to take home.

This Fish Market is also famous for the start
of what is now called, FISH! Philosophy.

 Tom couldn't pass up this bakery.
They served Russian pasties and they were oh so good.

It wouldn't be Seattle without rain.
The street was made out of these old bricks.

I want to go back again. So much to see.
 We didn't even stay for the opening of the vender's stalls.
That will have to be another day and another post.


  1. That gum wall is crazy. It makes me sick to think about but at the same time I want to see it. It looks like you guys had a nice morning. Love you!

  2. The gum wall is very original. Looks like you and Tom had a great day. Enjoy the rest of your week. Jude

  3. I want to go next time!!! LOVE the Starbuck's building. The gum wall is both disgusting and fascinating. The light fixtures are amazing. The fish are fresh! The bakery is calling my name!

  4. Thank you for the photo tour of looks like such a fun place to visit. I really hope to get there one day...I will make sure to bring a piece of my favorite chewed bubble gum to add to the "gum wall"!

  5. Wayne and I went to Seattle many years ago and loved the beauty of the city. My favorite place to eat was a tiny store front booth near the Starbucks that made the most yummy bread sandwiches. I kept buying them to feed the hungry people milling around down there! I wish that Wayne still need to travel there for work, beacuse it would be such a joy to fly out and meet you and Tom!... Ahhhh maybe one day!
    Dee Dee

  6. What a nice trip for yall. I like Starbucks and was delighted when our town got one a couple years back.It's a busy place! But to see where it all started would sure be a must if I visited Seattle. The Pacific NW is somewhere I'd really like to visit on a driving trip along the coast on down to Oregon and Calif. Oh, maybe one day! I like salmon; must be nice to get it so fresh. I enjoyed your pics and words. I'm still in Chicagoland visiting my daughter, but keeping up with my friends.
    Hugs, Deb

  7. Just wanted to say what a nice person you are... I am over from Dee Dee's and saw your cute apron that you sent her! And I love this post -- I never knew that Starbucks originated in Seattle! Your adventure looked fun, I especially loved that pastry shop. ;)

  8. P.S. I forgot to say: I wasn't wild about that 'gum wall!' Although it's interesting to look at, with all of the colors, when you really THINK about it, what it is, it's kind of well... you know... LOL!

  9. What a cool city...I like the gum wall...and the brick streets.

    What a fun day and way to spend on a day-te out with your man!

    God bless you, Christine.

  10. Chris! Have you seen my package of bubble gum? I can't find it.
    That was a fun day. The only thing I didn't like was returning home and folding clothes and doing the dishes...I guesss someone has to do that stuff. Love you, and lookimg forward to more Fish! Philsophy. Tom G.


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