Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week In Review

King County Superior Court House
~Jury Duty~

Started my week of by being Juror #5

 The early morning bus ride dropped me off by
 the tallest building in Seattle,
 The Columbia Tower.

The Columbia Tower has an open food court on the first floor.
This is where I grabbed a latte and took in all the ambiance.
Never a dull moment.
Everyone was in a hurry.
 Most had a briefcase with a coffee cup in hand.
So different from the early morning, social elements of high school.

As I walked to the court house,
 the morning lights were starting to fade.
The traffic was revving up.

The double door was where we heard the case and first door was where we deliberated  .

 My bus stop.

I heard a criminal case that lasted two days.
 We found him NOT GUILTY.
The process from start to finish was educational in so many ways.
This experience was fascinating from the bus ride,
 to getting along with 5 others in a small room. 

(And yes, you bet I'd do it again!)


~Friday Night Date~

I ended my week spending time with Tom.
Dinner at "Micky D's."
We then headed over to the high school.

We watched two basketball games.
It was both the girls and boys last game of the season.

Friday night, the place was packed.
Yea! We won!

Tom and I enjoy watching any kind of  high school activities.
A perfect way to end an exciting week for me.


  1. Thank you for doing your civil duty. Sounds like you enjoyed this opportunity. Have a great weekend!

  2. A civic duty well done, both at the hall of justice and the school house.

  3. Good for you... you're inspiringly brave. That's all I have to say about that! :)

  4. Hi Christie,
    Thank you for dropping by my blog.
    So yes, I do still plan on moving in June when Savannah get's outta school.
    Actually the owners of the cottage know that I will be outta here the weekend of May 28th, and I will stay 9 days with my sister who lives about 3 miles from me. Since I don't want to pay a whole month of rent for 9 days.

    I love your inspirational blog.


  5. Love the way you described your week, Christine... Proud you did your civic duty. And, had a fun date night! Mickey D and enjoying good high school sports is as American as apple pie!!

  6. It sounds like a good week for you. Highschool sporting events are always fun to watch!

  7. What a great time! Thanks so much for serving and for sharing this experience with us!
    Dee Dee

  8. I served on a jury once that lasted a week. I's a great experience and all of us citizens should serve at least once! I haven't been chosen again though.

    I miss high school basketball! I just loved it when my Taylor played! Yea that your school won!

  9. Greetings, Christine! I am over from Dee Dee's "Ddzine" blog! She did such a nice post on you. I think it was SO nice of you to send her a present. You are a very generous and good person. Nice meeting you!
    P.S. I just became your newest Follower. :)


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