Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More of My Kitchen...

Growing up, this little wall plaque hung in my Aunt Vivian's kitchen.
 I was ten years old when she died.
I don't remember how,
but I ended up with it.
When I played house with my dolls,
I would use it as a decoration.
 Now it hangs in my kitchen.
It's very special to me.

 French doors lead into our kitchen
(They are always open. This is just to show you the doors)

We took down the cold and impersonal
wire racks that were over the stove and along the wall.
Wall stills needs some paint.
I moved in the small bookcase.
But the room needed something more.
Then Tom got to work!
He added this shelf above the stove.
He also added a smaller shelf next to the stove,
for a lamp and a little extra counter space.

I'm beginning to LOVE my kitchen.
I'll keep adding and changing the room around.
But for now I'm happy.

Cookies anyone?
They are in the oven.


  1. Amazing what a few little changes did to add such warmth to your kitchen!
    Christine, your wall kitchen is sweet and in such good shape. How neat to still have this special memento to remember your Aunt Vivian.

  2. I'm so glad you are loving it. It looks great.

  3. Wow Christine!
    Amazing what some paint and a few shelves made to the room! Love the glass french doors, they add so much to your beautiful home!
    dee dee

  4. I LOVE it! So cozy and cute! I can just imagine having a cup of tea there. :)

  5. Looks like you're nestling right into your new cottage. Lots of lovely things happening!

    You've been an inspiration in your downsizing. I've been taking pages from your life as models as I think about downsizing my stuff, just as if I were moving too (which I'm not at present, but may one day).


  6. I just love is wonderful and I love the pulls on the drawers. I had those pulls in our home and loved them. Thanks for letting me is so welcoming!

  7. That cottage kitchen is absolutely adorable!!! Good job Tom.

  8. Your kitchen is so sweet! Makes me want to update mine. Tom did a really good job with those shelves.

  9. yes to cookies! :)

    wow...that looks just great! Tom did a good job! I just love the charm you have going there!

  10. Such a great partner you have to "help" with all of your changes.

  11. I could move right in. I LOVE it! And your Aunt's plaque is so unique and charming... these are the things that make a house a home, linking generations of love.

    Blessings, Debbie

  12. I absolutely love your kitchen. It is very quaint and charming!

    If I lived closer...I would be bringing my plate over for a few cookies.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  13. Your kitchen looks like it is right out of the pages of my Romantic Homes magazine. Truly it does! It is cozy, uncluttered, and so inviting! Cookies from the oven and time for lots of conversation, would be so much fun.

  14. LOVE what you're doing with your kitchen! Just enough of the old mixed in with the new - and so very charming! I especially love that little wall scene from your Aunt's house. I would have been completely drawn into the little world of the cottage and the two characters who seem so worried about something. What are they worried about? Sound like fodder for endless stories . . .


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