Sunday, March 11, 2012

Celebrating 33 Years

(Levi and Lulu colored a banner for us.)

Tom and I celebrated our
33rd Wedding Anniversary, this past week. 
Kimmy had a dinner party and invited
the family.
 We received the most precious gift.
After living in our home for 30 years,
 it was very hard to remove certain
 items when we moved, without tears.

The hardest were the pictures of our children growing up.
They lined both sides of our long hallway.
Being able to see how our kids grew up, through these pictures, was always fun. 
But, I just couldn't remove these pictures!
Because Kimmy and her family moved into our home,
I just left them.
I told her someday I would come and get them.
She knew how hard it was going to be for me to take them down.
 Mark and Kimmy had an idea.  As an anniversary gift,
 they removed all pictures, scanned each of them, and put them back.
 Then held onto their secret.
They made an album with all those precious pictures,
plus more!
There are pictures of our home, our backyard, the
Children's Garden and so many more great memories.
 Tom and Kimmy looking at the album.
Todd and Stephanie looking at the album.

See the baby bump?

This is Aunt Linda saying hello to Baby,
with new mom Stephanie looking on. 
Baby coming in August!
Aunt Tamar and Kimmy
 Aunt Bev (Tom's sister) tossing her famous salad
 Aunt Linda (Tom's sister) reading
Ila May is even enjoying the party. 
Here's Lulu looking at our wedding album,
which also showed up for our party

Wedding cake! 
Lulu decorated and it was GOOD!

And Kimmy came up with the craziest idea. 
"Hey mom ,try on your wedding dress!"

And, after all these years,
 I was able to put on my wedding dress.
And the moment was even more
special with Lulu and Levi.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Wow...sounds like every added up to a wonderful celebration! And look at you, Gorgeous, fitting in your wedding dress. I could never! ha.

  2. We had so much fun! And you look great!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! You look amazing in your dress. The photo album was a great gift that will keep on giving. Enjoy your day! Judy

  4. What an absolutely beautiful post! Congrats to you and Tom on your 33rd Anniversay &. Congrats on becoming a grandma again!

    Now fitting into your wedding dress...that is PRICELESS! :)

  5. Just two skinny minis celebrating with family.

    I like your new gray look. Wish I knew how to "get there".

  6. Happy Anniversary! 33 years -- what a milestone! How sweet of Kimmy to give you that album. I'm sure you will look at it over and over. Sounds as if you had the perfect day.

    P.S. I can still fit in my wedding dress too, but it's been only 5 years for me. Hope I can still do it at 33 years. ;)

  7. Happy Anniversary....yea! for you and to be able to get into your dress...well I am now dealing with envy! My daughter tried on mine the other day and laughed to find our her mother was smaller than she was...but after my six, let's say, getting back into mine would be a dream!

    Oh the baby bump...I am cheering!! Oh blessings, blessings!!! I can't wait for that announcement.

    The pictures...oh know that feeling, when I took down the kids pictures from our house we lost, well I lost it too. What a precious and thoughtful have a treasure of a family..and one that is growing!!

    Happy are a year a head of us!

  8. Christine.......
    I'll have to go back to count but I think this is the third anniversary I get to wish with you! Happy Anniversary to you and Tom! Kimmy has some of the best ideas... the album, now that is a gift that keeps on giving! Congrats on getting back into your beautiful dress.... you look stunning!
    Have a wonderful week my friend!
    dee dee

  9. Ah, Christine
    How hard it is to move after so long in one house. We moved a few months ago after 21 years in our home and it was both hard and very blessed.

    Enjoyed your post and pictures.
    Blessings to you - Marsha

  10. Christine, this post moved me to tears.
    I guess saying goodbye to the home where you raised the kids.
    Then the thoughfulness of the kids to put the pictures in a album.
    And then the wedding dress. What a beautiful celebration of your one union and another beautiful year.

    Hugs, Viola

  11. You can fit into your wedding dress?? I'm so impressed, and now I have a new idea for a weight loss goal. I think you look absolutely beautiful in it (I love your hair longer and back like that). The gift was just plain wonderful. I would have cried and cried.

    Down here in Dixie, we have an expression for families like yours. We say, "You raised 'em right".

    (Actually, I don't say that. I was an English teacher, after all. Ha! But if I DID, I would say it about you!)

  12. Happy Anniversary to you two! What a special way to celebrate both of you and the special family God has blessed you with. The photo book was a thoughtful, creative gift. The fact that you still fit into your wedding dress and that you still look beautful in it, is quite impressive! I enjoyed stepping into your family life for a few minutes. Great pictures!

  13. Oh Christine, I love the wedding dress! You look beautiful in it. What a precious gift you received. Very thoughtful and creative. Sounds like a wonderful evening.

  14. Dear Christine,

    I'm very late getting around to say Happy Anniverasry, but it comes with a whole lot of best wishes and congratulations! And what a wonderful anniversary gift from the kiddos. That about made me cry, so sweet. What a thoughtful gift.

    And, girlfriend .... you look amazing in your wedding gown. I'm certain I couldn't get mine over my hinder quarter, but I may just give it a try come August. :)

  15. How wonderful! Such a lovely party celebrating your love and the fruit of your years together! The photo book would have made me cry. But, by far, the most impressive thing is that you were able to zip up your wedding dress!! I couldn't do that again - not ever! Bless you!!!



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