Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall Is In The Air

 Say it isn't so!
Trees are starting to turn from green
 to fall their colors.

 Shadows are l-o-n-g.

 Tom and I are trying to get as many
bicycle rides in as possible.

 We rode over to the last, free, open air concert of the season.
Each week there were different types of musical performances
 held at our local shopping center.
 (the one with now famous orange couches)

 We parked our bikes and found a table.

People watching was high on the docket.
The weather was still warm enough
 for the little ones,
 to enjoy playing in the water fountains.

Yes, it feels like Fall!


 Here are some baby Trey pictures.
Todd and Stephanie had
professional pictures taken the other day.
Tom and I were invited to come
 along to watch and join in.

Cooper their chocolate lab and Trey.

 Three generations.
Grandpa Tom, Daddy Todd
and baby Trey.

Someone asked me about the name Trey.
It's Norwegian for the number three.
As Stephanie told me,
Trey makes them now a family of three.

Trey, the little Norski


  1. I love the fact that there are places we can ride bikes-here we have a cute little downtown area that has a huge lake we can ride around. Your center looks great too. Loved all the photos. Thanks for sharing about Trey's name. We are getting wind in the evenings that definitely feel like fall. Have a blessed weekend.

  2. Ahhh fall! My favorite time of year!!

    That little Trey is adorable.

    Love the photo of him with Cooper!

  3. Lovely red leafed tree! I've seen a few leaves changed here, but not a full tree yet! I love fall! My favorite!

    That outdoor concert looks so fun and I think it's neat that it's close enough for you to ride your bikes!

    That little Trey is adorable. he really looks tiny next to Cooper! haha.

  4. Fall may be in the air but it was 92* here in Philly today. Still, you know it's coming.

    Trey is so cute. Love the one with Cooper!

  5. Fall hid its face today...but your concert sounds wonderful...and so does the bike ride.

    Trey is just precious, totally precious!!

  6. That Trey is just adorable! Love the pic of him with the doggie. Too sweet.

    I'm so jealous of your fallish air. Our heat index here today was 104 and I'm so ready for even the tiniest hint of cooler weather.

    We're still talking about a trip to Seattle, but nothing has been finalized of confirmed yet ... I do wish fuel prices would go down! Cloud Nine doesn't get good gas mileage, that's for darn sure.

    If we decide to make a run for it, I'll be sure and let you know. How exciting it would be to meet you in person!

  7. We are starting to feel just a touch of fall. Steve says just wait, there will be one more heat wave.

    Those are just the cutest pictures. Love the one with Cooper. He looks like one big gentle guy, patient with whatever he needs to do for the photo shoot :)

  8. Oh, my goodness, Christine!! I have missed Trey's arrival. He is such a little doll!! I'm going to have to keep reading back to hear more about this wonderous event!! Congratulations to all!!! blessings ~ tanna

  9. He is an adorable little Norski!
    Soon he'll be bigger than his dog
    There will have to be a follow up picture with them both in a month!

  10. It sure looks life life is holding so much to treasure these fall days! Trey is so adorable! Memories precious memories!
    dee dee

  11. Fall is not in the air here, so I was happy to hear it was for you. What fun to ride bicycle together and to such interesting places.

    Trey and those pictures are so precious!


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