Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blue Moon - Neil Armstrong 8/31/12

 This picture was taken at
The Blue Hour of the Blue Moon

Did you wink?
In tribute to Neil Armstrong,
 his family asked that we remember
 his accomplishments by winking at the moon.

 I was busy winking and 
playing with the shutter speed.
Love it!

This is another picture of the Blue Moon.
Only it's the next day, early in the morning.
Look at the fog that sits in the valley.

;  )


  1. I will wink...what a hero

    Looks like you are having fun

  2. I saw the moon and remarked how lovely it was. Great tribute to a great man. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful Labor Day!
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. I thought it was so neat that his memorial service was on the blue moon! How fitting. We were covered in clouds... I was so disappointed that I couldn't get some photos!

  4. Love your blue moon!
    It did look fabulous early this morning as we began our travels.
    I promise to wink at it tomorrow!

  5. such fun photos Christine! I will have to wink at the moon tonight!
    dee dee


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