Thursday, September 19, 2013

Another Phone Call

I received sweet phone call from Kimmy the other day.
"Can you help me with a project?"
"Sure!", I said, without questioning.

Kimmy, Homeschools her children.
Lulu is now "First Grade" and
Levi and Ila May are in "Preschool".

Kimmy saw this blog site, about Busy Bags.
 She thought this idea could help keep
 Levi and Ila May busy, 
 while she has one-on-one with Lulu.

Weaving, Puzzles and so much more.
Perfect for the little ones.

This activity is a Foam Shape Puzzle.
The child copies and matches the left hand side
 with the loose pieces, on the right side.

I was having so much fun making these items..........

Then this happened!

Little Miss Ila May was going down a slide and caught 
her foot on the side of the slide and fractured her tibia.

Before a loved one goes down a slide, read this:

Ila May is doing just fine.

Now, the Busy Bags items are in fast production!
I'm busy making more Busy Bag items.


  1. Oh my goodness, she is simply adorable, even with that pretty pink cast on. I love that little sock on her other foot. Bless her sweet heart. Hugs from here. What a terrible thing to happen, but how wonderful to have such a great family around her.

    Love the bag idea!

    P.S. Re your comment ... that was my sweet niece, talking to pie on the video, but we do sound alike ... Southern to the bone.

  2. Christine, I'm so sorry for Ila Mae. However that polish is precious and she looks as if she is coping quite well. Better than her mom and gma for sure! I am going to read that for sure! Oh my goodness! Those little puzzles are such a good idea! I'll check that out too.
    Bless your heart!

  3. Bless little Ila Mae. Oh, goodness, do you know how many times I've been to the slides with the Little Men?! I have to go read that post. Ila Mae looks very cute with her matching pink polish. Sweet baby girl!

    The busy bags are great, Christine! blessings ~ tanna

  4. What a cutie...sorry to hear about the accident with little Ila Mae (what a lovely name). She seems to be taking it all in stride!

    Those busy bags look like a lot of fun!

  5. Oh how fun!!! Thank you for making those. We will be looking for our package. Ila May is doing so well. She can't stand or walk but she sure can scoot around.

  6. So sorry that Ila May hurt her foot, love the painted toe nails, she is adorable.I will be praying for her, quick recovery, thanks for the link Those "busy bag' will come in handy, great job., Christine.

  7. First of all, I want to tell you that your new banner picture is beautiful!
    Secondly, the quote you shared on the sidebar is an most important reminder to me.

    I felt sad seeing little Ila May's foot wrapped up. So quickly accidents can happen. Thank you for sharing the link with us. And once again, your creative touches inspire me. What a fun project!

  8. Oh I know this so well....the home schooling and the broken leg, Benjamin did that while on the play ground. Blessings to them all..and to the grandmother who is such a support!

  9. So sorry about Ila May! Hope she heals quickly! I love those "busy bags", they are such a great idea! Lots of young mom's from my church make and use them too!

  10. Love the idea of the busy bags, but I nearly forgot about them when I saw the sweet little leg in the cast. That last picture is just plain priceless. She looks quite proud of the cast, doesn't she? What a trooper, and a beautiful one to boot. (No pun intended... boot.)

    I hope she heals quickly!


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