Saturday, September 14, 2013

Another Trey Day!

This past week I had the privilege of taking care of Trey, two days in a row!

The top pictures are of him playing with a bag.
So simple and kept him busy for a long time.

Bottom two pictures are of him learning how to stack blocks.
He gets so excited when he does it.

The weather has been warm and beautiful.
There that hint of Fall!
This day, he was curious about a rake
 with some leaves stuck in the prongs.

And yes, he has just learned to walk!!
How fun!
Trey is all boy!


  1. isn't he just the cutest? Love little boys!

  2. He certainly is, and full of joy and fun. You lucky grandma you. Two days! We love being grandmas, don't we! Fall has arrived here too in milder temps and cool nights.

  3. What a cutie pie! Nothing like being grandma.

  4. Ah! Christine is so adorable.
    You're so blessed to get to spend time with your g'children!

  5. Oh my .... what precious photos of an adorable little boy. I know you had to be tired after two days in a row, but it was a good tired.

    The rake pics .... killing me.

  6. I think in these photos he is looking like his mom . . .

  7. Joy! Just pure JOY!! He such a doll, Christine! blessings ~ tanna

  8. Thank you so much for helping! He is getting so smart...with the help of you! It takes a village, and we have the BEST one. XOXOOX

  9. He is so adorable.


  10. What a cute, smart and happy little boy Trey is! I love all the pictures. He is growing up so fast!

  11. Looks like some fun bonding time with grandma! You have two handsome looking grandson's there! :)

  12. Oh how precious...GOD is GOOD!!! Enjoy that little boy. I had my grandson on Saturday while mom and dad go to birthing classes. Two more grandsons this fall...oh my, my heart I know yours does also!

  13. What a handsome, adventuresome little guy! Sometimes all it takes is paper bags and rakes to keep them entertained. You are a fun grandma!


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