Monday, April 14, 2014

Birthday for a Seven Year Old

Where do I begin?
This little girl is my first grandchild.
She changed my life.
I became a Grandma!

The first time I held Lulu, minutes after she was born.

Lulu is her name.
She is turning 7 years old.
Hundreds of miles might separate us
 but our love is more powerful then those miles.
Every Tuesday, I wear Pink to remind me of the Tuesday she was born.
We call it Pink Tuesday!
(Each grandchild has their own special day of recognition.)

When I visit, we spend a few hours all alone,
 just the two of us, while the rest take naps.
We have tea parties, play dolls, draw, swing, read,
 cook or play games. 
Sometimes we build with her Lego's.
She mentioned to me, in passing, that it would nice to have more Lego's.
I "packed" that idea away in my memory bank.

Before I rushed out the door for my last visit,
 I made sure I had Lulu's birthday presents.
 I didn't want to miss her birthday!

We celebrated an early birthday before I headed home.
Lulu loves strawberries, so this was perfect cake for her .
Then she opened her presents.
Girly Legos! She loved it!

Lulu took this picture of the house she built and
sent the picture to me.

 I want to show you a very special necklace. 
It was a gift from Lulu to me!
We never take them off.

The middle heart says, Granddaughter.
The outer heart says, Grandmother.

PS; Lulu was the first one to call me Grammie-Goo
and I've been called that ever since.

Happy Birthday Lulu!!
I Love You!

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  1. Aw! Happy Birthday Ms Lulu! What a sweet little lady you are! (and you have the BEST gramma!) :)

  2. This is so sweet and precious, Christine, granddaughters and grandmas have a special bond, I have received many special gifts from ours.Wishing LuLu a wonderful and very happy Birthday! The legos were perfect! Thank you for sharing.
    Blessings, Sue

  3. Hi Christine!
    Thanks for that remark at Betsy's and just had to come and see you.

    Well Happy Birthday Lulu and what a lovely young lady.
    I am a new Grandfather, my first, Peter who is aged 6.5 months. Alas my dear wife did not see him here but certainly does from Heaven. I lost her a year ago to breast cancer. I know I shall see her again - in glory.

    If you search through my blog there are a couple of poems I wrote which I think you will like, called "Reflections" and "Living Waters".

    Otherwise I write humerous stuff and serious stuff as well.
    Very best wishes nand nice to mmeet another Christian.


  4. I can't get my head around this but one of the comment verification words was:



  5. Christine
    This is such a sweet B'Day tribute to LuLu,
    God's Blessing to her on her special day!

  6. Well this post makes me kind of want to cry. I love it that you wear pink on Tuesdays! That is just so wonderful to me. I think Lulu is beautiful and hope that someday someone just as cute as that calls me Grammie Goo.

    OK, or whatever I'm going to be called.
    I keep picking future grandma names in my head, but I'm told that the first born will pick it for me.

    A friend's mother-in-law wanted to be called "Grandmother." She kept saying that to her first born, who chose instead to call her "Bingobobby". LOL

  7. Dear Grammie-Goo!!
    I loved this so much! The necklace is so precious! Thanks for letting me meet your Lulu.
    Always, Roxy
    Happy and Blessed Easter to you!

  8. A lovely, loving post. The wearing of pink to remind you of your special gals is a fabulous idea. As a long-distance grandma, I totally get that.

    Thank you for sharing... and for joining the GRAND Social! Happy, happy birthday to your Lulu.♥

  9. How precious and it just warms my heart. Being a grandmother does change our lives, it has mine, and yet, my youngest child is 8!
    You are making such wonderful memories, she is one blessed little girl to have you as her grandmother.

  10. Grandkids! Wow what a wonderful blessing they are. They are the bridge between motherhood and old age if you ask me. We are expecting another one in December. Just found out. Good to see your post!

  11. I know the bond between you and Lulu is special and will never be broken.

  12. Your love, appreciation, and total admiration seeps through your every word. What a precious girl and what a loving, devoted grandmother you are! The pictures are so good! What a gift from God she is!

  13. Precious! and they grow up so fast. Hope you had a blessed Easter.

  14. What a heartfelt and moving post. You are such a terrific grandmother and I would bet that you're their favorite person in the whole world.

  15. I first started reading your blog, Christine, when Lulu was an only child. Every post has been fun and/or inspiring. Don't ever stop blogging.


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