Thursday, April 24, 2014

Getting Ready......

We are getting ready for company!
Silas (our youngest grandchild) is going to be having
open heart surgery, on May 6th.
He will be here at Children's Hospital in Seattle.
So, that means they are coming over!
For more about Silas, click here.

We have had a few weeks to prepare for this event.
And that is just what Tom and I have been doing,
Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically and Mentally.
We have narrowed it down to just physical and emotional.

Next week, I will be disinfecting our cottage, toys, linens,
 washing the dog and rearranging.
Talk about Spring Cleaning!

Our weather has been record breaking!
We've had so much rain, 18 inches in two months!
(please pray for sunshine!)

Their stay will be during two birthdays and Mother's Day.
Silas will be one year old!   Yes, it's been a whole year!
Ila May will turning three.
Since it's a trip about the surgery,
we will play it very low key.

But I have to share about little Ila May.

This little girl  LOVES  to dress up.
Especially with hats and capes!

I got out my sewing machine and created a special cape just for her.

This is where I got my inspiration, click here.
I can't wait for her to try it on.

I also have been arranging things to accommodate
three little ones, while Silas is in the hospital.
Tom and I will be taking care of them,
while Kimmy stays with Silas.
Mark will be traveling back and forth.

Because our cottage is so small, arrangements are important.
I found this little child's chair in a thrift shop.
I knew it would be perfect for extra seating around our table.


It wasn't what I wanted, so I got out my
 spray paint and  Mod Podge.

Getting ready!


  1. I was thinking about y'all this morning and wondering about the time line. I can see that you are very busy with big plans. Many of us will be supporting you with prayers for Silas and all of his family. We should also pray for an extra dose of energy for you and Tom, because you will be the caregivers of some little whirlwinds! :D Ila Mae will be extra adorable in her little cape, she's just cute. Keep us informed when you can and know you'll not be forgotten!

  2. A little preplanning and organization and you'll be ready! Praying for everyone...especially that little Silas! xo

  3. Thank you Mother!! I love you. Ila May is going to LOVE her cape. Just yesterday I was helping her with a blanket she wanted to wear and I used a bag clip to hold it closed for her.

  4. I'll keep little Silas in our prayers, Christine.
    I know you'll all enjoy your time together.
    I just wish the circumstances were different for the trip.

  5. Prayers for little Silas and prayers for the rest of the family. Company can be both wonderful and stressful, even if it is family. Prayers for added strength.

    Love that adorable cape and Ila May.

  6. Praying for your family and especially little Silas. I'm sure everything will be fine. That's a cute little chair you got and Ila May is going to love the cape you made for her.

  7. Sending thoughts and prayers for little Silas, and your family, Christine, much preparations you both have done for your family! Great job with the chair, and i know Ila Mae will enjoy the capes! I will be praying for strength for you and your dh as you tend to the needs of your family.
    Blessings, Sue

  8. I can not believe that I missed the first post. It happened to be when I was wearing some crazy pants and didn't get a chance to venture around.

    I would have joined the warriors praying THEN, but I am going to join you NOW.

    I love how you love them all. You can feel it every time you post about them. I pray for the whole clan of you from Silas on up.

    And the only thing cuter than the chair in this post is Little Miss Dress Up.

  9. My heart just stopped....I am praying!!!!! That is all I can write right now.

  10. Well said - "Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically and Mentally".Wish I could fast forward a week ahead for you and have all of this behind you. Soon . . .


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