Friday, April 24, 2015

Need Boxes? some!

Has it really been two weeks since I moved?
Sometimes it seems like hours and other times years.

I tackled all the boxes that I first started packing
way back in January.
It was like Christmas and birthday rolled into one.
All those boxes were stacked, in clusters, all over our garage.
No rime or reason, just a mess.
One by one, each box got emptied and the items found a new "home".

Day and night, night and day, I nested.
I can finally say, my car now has a new home.
It's called the garage!

Today, I put aside my nesting urges, to drive around to get the lay of the land and my bearings.
My goal was to find the Post Office and do a little grocery shopping.
Of course I had my trusty, driving companion,
Mrs. Johnson.
It's really a GPS.
Tom calls it a marriage saver.
(So, now it's Miss Johnson our marriage counselor.)
Yes, that's Miss Johnson on my lap as I drive.

This is not the end...
It's just the beginning!


PS;    Nampa is a Railroad town.
          I'm adding this last picture for 
          Betsy and her boys, who love trains.
This was taken while the moving train was going across the main road 
that takes you to downtown.


  1. Ah moving. I remember thinking I would never move again when I moved into my current house. And since I've been here for 34 years there's a good chance that is right! But who knows.

    Glad to hear you are getting boxes emptied and things put away. It looks like a cute little town. You'll have to find a Starbucks as well as the post office and grocery store.

  2. Looks like your definitely making headway in getting settled, Christine!

  3. I'll show this to the boys...they will love it! It's got everything they love in one photo! A big train sign cool! ....the actual train AND an overpass, which for some reason thrills them to no end! haha. Thanks for thinking of us. I wish that sign was somewhere near us...they would love to see that every day!

  4. It takes so long to get settled into a new place. May you make many years of happy memories in your new home.

  5. I look forward to you and Tom finding all the fun things to do in Nampa and surrounding areas!! =) Love the train shot for Betsy and the boys. blessings ~ tanna

  6. Hi Christine,
    I read your comment on Bevy's post (from treasured up and pondered blog), and realized we had much in common. I also realized that you often comment on my friend Roxy's blog ( she and I have been wonderful friends for about 25 years)….so decided to come over and say hi, and have enjoyed reading your blog. We too have just moved. For us it is from Colorado to Florida. We too have moved near our grandchildren, as I have two daughters and 3 grandchildren here, and my son and family with 3 more grandchildren are only half a day away in NC. It has been a process; we left in Dec. My hubby has been back and forth and is still in CO at the moment. We are in a little condo at the moment, still working on finalizing things that will allow us to buy a house, so transition has lasted a little longer than we had hoped, but God is faithful. Also, I noticed that we have the same china hutch ha ha. I can relate to your driving around and learning the area, and also the GPS, which is also one of my husbands favorite tools, and which I use, but don't always like for some reason. Well, I have given quite a long comment here, but you blessed me today as I read that you are in a similar situation as I am. Have a wonderful week. Also, I loved your RAK bags that you made on a previous post. That was wonderful.

  7. I'm glad you and Miss Johnson are finding your way around in your new surroundings. Have fun exploring, the boxes can wait.


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