Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Number 2 - Cashes In

Redeeming her Christmas gift certificate is, 
9 year old, 
Ila May
She brought along her doll,
also named Ila May.

We picked her up early Friday morning.
But first things first...Breakfast.
Her request was waffles!
Not just any old waffles.
They had to be store bought and ROUND.

Waffles it was, with peanut butter and syrup.
Blueberries too!
We have a very busy day and she ate it all.

I think word got out, that when Silas was here, 
he played board games with Papa.
One round of Candy Land,
then it was off  shopping!

Ila had her pick of where to shop.
She chose Hobby Lobby.
Good choice.
She didn't leave empty handed!

When lunch time came around,
she wanted a Freddy's burger.

She decided to eat at home.

This new park is getting a work out!
Last week Silas and his brother were there.
This week, Ila invited her brothers to join her.

What a busy but fun day!
Time to sit back and read a new book with Papa.

The certificate said, choice of dinner.
Ila May informed us that she wanted homemade soup.
She loves any soup, except Pea Soup. 🙄

After dinner, we watched several movies before heading to bed.

Next morning it was rather quiet.
Breakfast and some quiet actives 

These are the new shoes that Ila May picked out to buy.
Aren't they cute?

This precious girl, knows how to draw and is always drawing something and then giving it to me!
Such a big heart!
Helpful and very intuitive.

What a great time we had.
Another mission accomplished!

Love you Ila May!


"Let all that you do be done in love."

1 Corinthians 16:14



  1. I'm guessing that Ila May wasn't the only one who had fun :-)

  2. You have so much fun with your grands. I love it and really love the idea about the gift cards. Such fun. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Oh Ila May is a sweetheart indeed...I think you have a little intuitive artist there...<3 A kindred spirit I'm sure. So, so sweet.

  4. What sweet times you are having with your grands. I like Ila May's cute shoes and her lovely sketch. Lots of good memories stored up.

  5. Hobby Lobby and Candyland?? A girl after my own heart!! Adorable and talented.

  6. What a fun and wonderful way to spend individual time with each grandchild, this is such a special treat for them! Ila May is just a sweet darling, and I know your day was brightened getting to spend it with her! I love that she requested homemade soup for dinner! My heart smiled to see the happy faces in this post :)

  7. Many memories made and tucked away in your hearts and hers! This post made me smile so much because it brought back so many memories for me, Thanks!!

  8. Such a fun time was had by you all.
    Lovely photographs and more special memories.

    All the best Jan


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