Monday, February 1, 2021

Cashing In- #3

Levi's turn to cash in his
 Christmas present of a gift certificate, 
for an overnight and fun!

So far, each overnight has been very different!
This one was no exception!

Levi is 11 years old.

A game of card with Papa is a must!

Levi KNEW what he wanted to eat and what he wanted to do.
Not just any pizza, Idaho Pizza. 
So that's what we did.

~Idaho Pizza Restaurant~

Ahh, Levi is getting so big and mature!

His heart is so tender and compassionate. 

Next, we went
"Boy Shopping"

Because this was "his day",
he wanted to go to the Combat Sports Store
Not your typical store!
He was so excited!

Levi had saved up his money and bought an soft-air gun.
He practices all the time in their huge backyard.
Safety first... eye protection and all the safety procedures.

This store was a first for both Tom and I.
We actually learned quite a bit about soft-air guns and gun safety.

Levi left with a bag full of supplies for his air soft guns.

Back home,
it's always fun to take Banjo for a walk.

For dinner Levi requested his favorite dinner that I make.
Taco Rice Casserole!
(recipe at the end of post)
This recipe was handed down from my mother.
It has so much History in our family.
(For one thing, it was the first meal Kimmy ever cooked!)

After dinner was THE MOVIE!
Levi choose a Star Wars movie!

The only Star Wars movie I've ever seen, 
was way back,  May 25th, 1977.

So this was a big deal for Levi (and me!!!).

He was soooooo excited for us to watch together.
He made sure I understood what was going on.
He kept filling me in on the characters and what they were doing.
(Now I've seen two Star Wars movies.)

Our time with Levi, came way to quickly and 
the next morning he headed back home to
his excited brothers and sisters.


"For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord, "plans to prosper and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future,"

Jeremiah 29:11

Update for those who want the Taco Rice Casserole Recipe....

This recipe is so old I have reworked it.
I use frozen corn, not canned.
Sorry, it's so blurry.


  1. How can I not comment on this precious young man? So darling and you can sense his sweet spirit. I remember that first Star Wars, I was at band camp and our band director took us to see it. There are some cute characters, chewbaca, r2d2...Maybe I would appreciate it more now?

    Darling pics, darling young man.

  2. Hi Christine~

    What a fun day! I love seeing the fun things you do with your grands, they will always treasure the time you spend with them!! Levi is adorable, what a sweet smile!

    Hugs and Love,

  3. I can hardly believe Levi is 11 already. Have I really known you that long? This is such a great idea to do with your grands and each one is so much fun. I have enjoyed seeing each one that has cashed in their gift certificate.

  4. This brought many memories for me Christine, and a few tears, you and Tom are such great grandparents,. I know I have mentioned this before, these memories you all are creating will carry your family through the good times and the not so good times! Just this past week we were talking to one of our college grands, and reminiscing over old times here on the farm.
    Thank you for sharing, just keep making those memories.

  5. oh my - what a beautiful time with your grandson! sweet joy..smiling as i read through your account of the fun visit. would love to know the taco rice casserole recipe! did you have a link to the recipe in the post? if so it's not working. i recently saved a dorito taco casserole recipe on pinterest.

  6. thank you for the recipe!!!
    i'm adding it to our menu plan (in about a week). yUm.


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