Saturday, August 28, 2021

A Broken Heart 💔


Broken Heart Syndrome, it's a real thing.

I recently had, what is called Broken Heart Syndrome.
I have never heard of this before.
It imitates a heart attack.

Tom and I went camping with our son and his family in
Hood River, Oregon.
I was so excited to see them, for it had been many months.

Mt Hood in Oregon

Friday night we set up camp, and enjoyed a few hours just the two of us.

Todd and family pulled in a few hours later.

Look how big they have grown.
Trey is 9 years old.
Scarlett is 6 years old
Huxley is now 2!

It was so good to see them.

The next morning Tom and I were enjoying our morning coffee. 

Here I am with Banjo and coffee.
Scarlett, Trey and Todd joined us minutes later.

I let Scarlett (5yrs.) take Banjo for a walk. I tied the leash to her wrist, so if she let go, the dog was still attached. She went a little too far for my liking so I went looking to bring them back.
I noticed two women walking their dog, a large Pit Bull.  They were coming towards Scarlett and Banjo. 
The next few minutes are still a blur.
The Pit Bull attacked Banjo. 
The women couldn't get control of this huge dog.
The Pit had Banjo by the neck and was swinging him around like a rag doll.
Scarlett screaming, Banjo yelping and crying, the two ladies yelling and screaming.
 So much commotion. 
Things were happening fast but in slow motion.

I knew I had to get Scarlett untied because she was being pulled towards the dogs.
I got Scarlett untied!
It had to be God who was with me because I don't remember how I untied the leash.

Todd and Tom came flying down the hill!
Todd picked up the Pit by the collar and lifted him up in the air.
The Pit let go of Banjo!
Todd scooped up Banjo and gave him to me.
I held him and checked him over...
NO BLOOD or wounds!!!
God blessed us!

I carried him back up the hill to our camp site.
My heart began to hurt!
I kept touching my chest and
checking out Banjo.
My heart really hurt!

I put Banjo down on our bed inside the RV.
I went outside and laid down on a blanket. 
Still touching my chest because it hurt.
I got up and sat in a chair.
I asked for some aspirin, nobody had any.
The Warden came by and said to go to the hospital.
 Todd and Tom quickly packed up our camp site and off we went.

It was 9:00 am when I checked into the emergency room.
I told them what had happened earlier with the dogs.

I was rushed into a room and was given an X-ray.
The ER Dr. came in and YES, there was damage to my heart.
More tests, blood drawn.
We waited and waited.

While we waited, I looked down at my dirty feet.
Mind you, I was still in my camping PJ's and without shoes.

Tom jumped in and 

 I was admitted to a room. More tests.
More discussion of what to do.
The Dr. explained that I needed to go to a bigger hospital,
 where I could get an Angiogram to see if I needed stints or an operation.
This hospital didn't have the equipment.
It was a 25 bed hospital.

The Dr. suggested I go to Portland.
I didn't want to go there! I wanted to go home!
She said it was too dangerous to drive all the way back home.
It was a six hour drive!
(What was I thinking!!)
The Dr. had to leave and go home.
Tom needed to get back to the RV to check on Banjo
and get some sleep.

So I prayed!
I remembered someone saying to pray for very, specific, requests
So I did.
I needed to know where I was going. 
 I didn't want to choose or decide, which hospital, and where.

When I looked up there were several EMT's at the foot of my bed,
with a gurney. 

One gentleman said, "You're going to Portland."
I asked, "When?"
He said, "NOW!"

This was Sunday, about 1:00 in the morning. 
Tom was sleeping in the parking lot with Banjo.

I asked it I could call Tom.
"No, the nurse will tell him."

I was wheeled down to an ambulance, and then to a medivac helicopter!

It was a 20 minute flight and we landed on the hospital roof!
We arrived in the receiving room. 
I was praying a lot.
One thing I prayed for was a soft, comfortable bed. My prayer was answered.  
I was given the most comfortable bed.
(My bed at the first hospital hurt my back and neck.)
When I was taken off the gurney, they plopped me on the softest bed!
It felt like a cloud!

God is good!
Tom eventually arrived with Banjo, in Portland.
I was hooked up to all kinds of devices.
Blood was taken regularly and checked.
My heart was being monitored around the clock.
And I was scheduled for an Angiogram.  

I had my procedure on Monday.
As it turned out, they went through my wrist and not my leg.

 That's when the Cartologist told me.
 I had Broken Heart Syndrome!
 Hmmm... sounds good to me!
No heart attack!

Afterwards I was able to walk around and I was finally able to eat a meal!

I just had to get a picture of my
Cloud Bed!

I was discharged on Wednesday.

Here we are, happily, heading Home.
Laughing, crying and reminiscing about All that had happened.

There was so much more to this adventure.
So many things I wanted to share. 
 But the one thing I must share is this,
God was with me from the very beginning.
 Banjo didn't get hurt,
answering specific prayers, 
 finding no permanent damage to my heart and
having people back home praying for me.
I am blessed!

And I want to tell you, that Tom is my hero!
Kimmy is my champion, with constant phones calls of encouragement and wisdom.
Mark blessed us by driving all the way over, to pick up Banjo and take him back home.
And I'm recovering well.

God is so good!


  1. You went through a terrible ordeal and as your said our Great Physician was with you every moment. How frightening for Banjo, Scarlet, you and all involved. And you and Banjo survived to tell the tale. Yes, God is faithful to be with us.

  2. "God was with me from the very beginning, when Banjo didn't get hurt,
    answering specific prayers, to finding no permanent damage to my heart.
    Having people back home praying for me.
    I am blessed!"

    I just want to hug you. I am glad you are OK!

  3. oh my goodness!!!!!
    i'm so thankful you're okay.
    what a completely traumatic experience you and your loved ones endured. we serve a precious, faithful, and loving Lord, do we not?
    gentle hugs over the miles.

  4. Oh goodness, how scary! Thank goodness you're ok and back home safe and sound and everyone else is ok, too. Be well!

  5. To God be the glory! So clear He was with you each and every step of this story. I'm so glad you are OK, and Banjo is OK. How scary everything was.

  6. Oh my mercy! Girl, giving God the praise for you and Banjo. How frightening for you all but yet, God never left you, not for an minute. He is such a good, good Father. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. Oh my goodness!! I am so sorry I just read about this scary experience! I know God helped you every step of the way! I am so grateful you are recovering! And I have heard of this before. The shock, the stress can cause damage! I will never ever trust a Pit Bull... Just glad the child or your sweet puppy was not hurt!
    Hugs, Roxy

  8. Hi Christine, I'm not sure if you remember me---Patti Gardner, formerly of Nampa, Idaho, now living a few miles away in Boise. We had been acquainted a couple years ago, but then I stopped blogging for awhile. I have recently returned, and I saw your blog on another blog's sidebar.

    I have never heard of broken heart syndrome. It sounds scary, though. What a blessing that you felt God's presence through the whole experience. And, also, such a blessing that you are feeling well. And as for pit bulls---Judge Judy says anyone who has one is a "moron."

    My husband did have a heart attack back in April. The doctor called it a widow maker, and truly if his boss hadn't had the foresight to give him an aspirin, he would have died before reaching the hospital.

    Patti @ Leaving a Legacy

  9. I am so thankful that you are on the mends and the damage is not proving to be permanent. Praise God that you, Scarlet and Banjo are all alright. I know first hand the fear of a dog attack. I was attacked by a pitbull a year ago and it left me with stitches and scarring both physically and mentally. Praising God that your ending of the story is better than the beginning and middle. Sending hugs!


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