Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"Suzie" Has Been Busy

Suzie and I have been in super mode.
Suzie  is my sewing machine)

I came across this great idea on how to make pillowcases.
Super easy and really cute!

To help our grandchildren 
to have sweet dreams 
during the Christmas season, 
each one gets their very own.
For the girls, I added a little frill.

What a great way to be close to them, 
even when I can't.

You don't need to be an expert seamstress to sew these pillowcases.
In fact, it's only 3 straight sewing seams,
If you start now, you can make one of these cuties for your entire family.

They really are that easy!

They don't even have 
to be Christmas themes.

They turned out so cute!
I can't stop making them.

I'm going to make some everyday
 pillowcases for our bed.

That is, when I'm through
making more Christmas presents!


I call on the Lord in my distress and he answers me.

Psalms 120:1


  1. Oh what fun, Christine! Your kiddies will LOVE them. Everyone will. How festive.

    Happy sewing.....

  2. What a great idea! I've never thought of making pillow cases, but you're right..so easy and the possibilities are endless! The grands are going to love those!

  3. So clever! So creatively done, and they will remember your love and care for them, every time they crawl into bed. Great gift idea! The verse blessed my heart this morning too.

  4. Just love the pillow cases and what a great idea for christmas. Sewing a cape for my grandson today, but a pillow case project sounds like it will be in my future.

  5. Hi There, this is such a cute and a special idea!! I love this so much I am going to make some for my kiddos.
    And as you said we can make some to match our other bedspreads or sheets. I am going to Pin this right now!
    Yours Roxy

  6. I only endeavor to be as good a grandmother as you. You're the best., and I know your little ones know it too.
    We are expecting our 2nd one (boy) a couple weeks before Christmas. I love the little pillowcases. I can see that would be an excellent present!

  7. I just love these pillowcases! The grandkids are going to love them! You will have to do a post with their sweet expressions when they get them! You are an inspiration as a grandma! You are blessing!
    Dee Dee

    1. DeeDee...I miss you!
      Thanks for stopping by Tom's blog too!

  8. Your pillowcases are adorable. One year I asked my mom for pillowcases for Christmas and she whipped up three pair for me. I still have them and use them. They are a perfect gift -- something everyone can use.

  9. Awesome, you did a great job. I have a closet full for my children from my mom. I pull them out each Christmas. They will so enjoy them.

  10. I love these. I think I have just found my newest sewing project. Thanks!!

  11. Hmmm. A project just fit for my pay grade. (That is, if the there isn't some random sewing machine rebellion when I approach it. Seriously, my sewing machine just hates my guts. I haven't even given her a name, but if I did I guess it would be something horrible like Maleficent.)

    But now, those are really cute!!!

  12. It is amazing how healing it can be to make them something to be close when we can't...

    These are great, Christine! So festive and fun! Oh, my, Christmas is just around the corner!

    blessings and hugs ~ tanna


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